“WHY AM I GETTING MARRIED?” ~ Focus On The Primary Reason For Marriage

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If you’ve seen the movie – ‘Why Did I Get Married Too’, then you will pretty much understand what I basically aim to achieve with this article. However, if you haven’t, then you can take a cue from the short analogies I am going to be dishing out as we go on.

“WHY AM I GETTING MARRIED?” You will agree with me that most couples do not even stop to take a moment to ask themselves this question. Why should they? After all, they are not the first couple… neither are they even ever going to be the last. So why bother with worrying why they are getting married when couples after couples have been doing it for ages before them and will continue to do it for ages after them.

You are not just getting maried, in fact you have been married for years now… so you think I have not singled you out for this talk… well sorry to burst your bubble honey, you are as much concerned about this issue as the new soon-to-be couples. Check out the movie I mentioned earlier… every single couple were not newbies or novices in the art of marriage. They had either been divorced or jilted once before they met the guys… same apply to the guys. So you want to ask yourself; how come people who have the experience of this thing still ask themselves this almost obscene question?

My hypothesis is that there is no ready made answer to this question! Oh yes! You can’t just hear the question and immediately vulge into answering it. It is a crafty one as much as it is simple. Now, let me ask you this – If you had not been married or getting married, what would you rather have been doing? Of course, a lot of us would be all career and lifestyle… but the truth still remains, there would have been freedom which this marriage has – or is promising to – restrain.

So, if you know you are not going to be free when you get married, why go on with it? What are you trying to prove? What are you running from? What do you seek? Is it protection, security, insurance, kids, love… WHAT?

A lot of couples would say, “We are in love and we have jointly decided to quit running around and finally settle down”. Well, while this might be plausible enough, it is in it’s entirity vague!

But then, if all these reasons don’t fit… what then does? Well, in my opinion, only you can answer that. But I have to warn you, it is not something you might not be able to openly admit. However, you will know it deep down in you and this might help you come to terms with whatever you wish to do with the union.

All in all, there is only one thing that matters… it is that not regarding whatever reason you both want to go into the union, there should be a sort of mutual harness that will help you both ensure that the marriage works. Perhaps, if we can do this… incidences of divorce will come to a low or even be entirely eradicated. So, dearies… WHY ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED?

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