Featured ImageCreativity is defined, by Oxford Dictionary, as “Having good imagination or original ideas” which is nothing short of what a couple would possess if they actually came up with wedding themes as unusual as these ones.

Of course, seeing stuff like these would make you think about how not possible it is to adopt or even implement them on this part of the globe. While this may have once been true,We should note here that even Nigerians have begun to see the beauty of cultures in other nations of the world. Why else would a Nigerian couple want to have a Roman-themed wedding shoot?

You may not agree with this analogy, but just take a moment to study, properly these 3 photos from shoots inspired by the respective themes. We’ll start with the first one – The Roman Wedding Theme.

#1. THE ROMAN WEDDING THEMERomanJust a look at these couple will give you those goose-bumps that  come from the question, “Is this even possible?” Well, it is… and while it is not all too common, it is not alienated either. After all, the point is in being cool on the day and happy when you two are flipping through those albums afterwards.

#2. THE SOLITAIRE WEDDING THEMESolitaireMemories last… memories linger… Imagine you walked into a wedding reception and saw the couple dressed as those above. Now trust me, these are not models… they are actually a real couple and you can only imagine how fabulously colourful that wedding must have been. Solitaire…. Well, talk about out-of–the-box ideas.

#3. THE GANGSTER WEDDING THEMEGangsterNow, you just can’t help but loving this! The photo-shoot above screams creativity. It tells the story a couple who would constantly tell each other that it was just the two of them against the world. This theme is perfect for a reception entrance as well as a pre-wedding photo-shoot story.

PHOTO SOURCE | Instagram

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