“What Are We Not Doing Right?” | SEX-RELATED Issues Couples Should Occasionally Address After Getting Married

Couple Talking

Sure you both may have got more than enough sexual experience before you tied the knot, but that doesn’t mean you’re done exploring the world of unlimited sexual pleasure with your new spouse. Even after you’ve said ‘I do’, it’s important to continue an open, sexual conversation with your partner.

Couples’ sexuality is their foundation, and it’s often tough to talk about it with each other. In fact, you will find that only few couples who occasionally have sex actually find the courage, self-confidence and drive to open their mouths to talk about it, especially if a lot of issues ride on silence in the marriage.

Sure, you must have explored certain areas during courtship, before getting married… areas like;

  • How many children you both wish to have
  • What makes one a good parent
  • Financial Status
  • Household Chores
  • Where you see each other years after marriage

In as much as these are very important topics to address, there is one missing and very vital one – SEX

To some, talking about sex is risky; they think it raises fear, guilt, shame, embarrassment and the risk of asking for too much and losing the relationship. But to solidify your relationship and feel satisfied sexually, you must feel comfortable at the situation whereby you are able to engage your spouse in conversation where you both talk about issues like;


This is a chance to chat about the things that are working, and what seems to be missing. In a relationship, where there is lack of satisfaction, one can conclusively say you are just enduring the union. You should both address this issue and see if there are any shortcomings as well as profess solutions to them if they exist.


Create an action plan, together, for how you can kick things up a notch rather than stay complacent. You will be surprised to see just how wonderfully well this works. It will help to improve the marriage and further give both of you bliss in the union.


Use this time to discuss and enhance the sexual intimacy in your relationship. This will actually help to maintain results and see that the positive trend doesn’t wane.

Not married yet? Be sure to keep these in mind. Good luck!

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