WATCH: One Couple’s Animated Engagement Photographs

Love in motionInspired by Harry Potter’s animated PHOTOGRAPHS, Stanstills created LoveInMotion, a series of animated photographs or “cinemagraphs” combined to create one lovely video.

This particular one features a lovely picture set of Shaun and Wan Ling’s doing their hobbies and favorite pastimes that really express their personalities. It makes perfect sense that the quirky and fun Shaun fell in love with the bubbly and cheerful Wan Ling; how could he not? Their personalities are so compatible and this video can’t prove it any better.

Snuggle comfortably to watch the video and read what Stan has to say about the shoot.

Some words from the photographer:

This concept is inspired by the animated photographs in Harry Potter movies and the work of the American photographer, JLB Wedding. I decided to take it to the next level and make it into a montage, called LoveInMotion. This is a fresh idea in Singapore and, I believe, I’m one of the few who have incorporated it in a wedding package. Even though the planning process is quite tedious in terms of brainstorming ideas from the couple and guiding them to reenact their daily life, the final product is gratifying. Thanks to this lovely couple, Shaun and Wan Ling, who had faith in me and made this simple idea come true. In the beginning, every couple has their own unique way of courtship and none of the couples I met are the same. Couples usually express that they are a normal couple doing what normal couples do. Frankly, during the bouncing of idea phase, they will be surprised with how many little things and hobbies they can infuse into LoveInMotion. With Stanstills, when the clients don’t feel like themselves, I will rethink better and natural poses. So nothing is too posey or “not their selves”. I hope this cinematography concept will be a new alternative approach to a couple’s storytelling ideas.

Source: Bridestory

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