Two Photographers & A Baby! The Chidieberes’ Adorable Maternity Shoot

Maternity Shoot004Maternity photoshoots are always so cute. But what is even more adorable are the photos of the cute babies.

The Chidieberes‘ recently gave birth to their adorable daughter and they shared the cute ‘before and after’ photos that we can’t keep gushing over.

Both Chioma Chidiebere and her husband are photographers of Ccphottography. They decided to take ‘selfies’ to capture themselves and later on photos of their baby, when beautiful Tata Chisomeje Chidiebere arrived.

You’d love them!
Maternity Shoot001 Maternity Shoot002 Maternity Shoot003 Maternity Shoot005 Maternity Shoot006 Maternity Shoot007 Maternity Shoot008
Photography: Ccphottoghraphy | @ccphottoghraphy

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