Trending Colour Combo For Bride & Groom Traditional Aso Oke Attires

Qoop Photography

It is deemed customary for couples to be clad in similar, if not the same type of attire for their traditional wedding. It is after all, the ideal thing to do in a bid to successfully portray that you both do not just have that perfect connection within… but also sync with one another on the outside.

The issue most couples face is not in deciding whether or not to both wear the same thing. It is in deciding what kind of Aso Oke they both want to wear for their big day.

Where do you even want to start from? Is it the choice of COLOUR, TEXTURE, PATTERN, STYLE, DESIGN, EMBROIDERY… which? All these are pretty tough decision to make. However, we are of the opinion that by the time you are done seeing the designs we have compiled for you below, you are bound to find it easier to make a choice.

Check on it:

Ade WestPhoto by ADE WEST

Beauty Cook StudioPhoto by TAP STUDIO

BlawzPhoto by BLAWZ

Emagix PhotographyPhoto by EMAGIX PHOTOGRAPHY

Finger Print StudiosPhoto by FINGERPRINT STUDIOS

Godwin Oisi PhotographyPhoto by GODWIN OISI PHOTOGRAPHY

JY Bee BelloPhoto by JY BEE BELLO

Klala PhotographyPhoto by KLALA PHOTOGRAPHY

Laphy PhotographyPhoto by LAPHY PHOTOGRAPHY

Libran Eye PhotographyPhoto by LIBRAN EYE PHOTOGRAPHY


Mobola Aso OkePhoto by MOBOLA ASO OKE

Opeyemi Photographic ArtPhoto by OPEYEMI PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTS

PhilamehPhoto by PHILAMEH

Qoop PhotographyPhoto by QOOP PHOTOGRAPHY

Recre8 ImagesPhoto by RECRE8 IMAGES

Remi Benson PhotographyPhoto by REMI BENSON PHOTOGRAPHY

SCGeorge PhotographyPhoto by SCGEORGE PHOTOGRAPHY

Tap StudiosPhoto by TAP STUDIOS

Tunji SarunmiPhoto by TUNJI SARUMI

So, we bet you found one you love huh? Sure you did! Congrats. Now go have your wedding knowing you will look the BEST!

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