TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY | 5 Daring Before-And-After Looks You Wish You Had

@pushiesmakeover 2

It is another Tuesday and we know you just can’t wait to have your favourite Tuesday Special. Well, we have compiled, for your viewing pleasure and inspiration, 5 Instagram photos which contain transformations which will guarantee your amazement. 

Do enjoy!

@bookielavida@bookielavida | The lovely chocolate-coloured result is what stands this particular transformation out. The lady’s smile actually does make the job better, however, the details on her face were only made more evident.

@pushiesmakeover 1@pushiesmakeover | Dark is the new sexy! You just got to love this transformation. There is this amazement you must have felt after seeing all the freckles on the face of this lady disappear.

@pushiesmakeover 2@pushiesmakeover | Another masterpiece from this wonderful MUA. One could notice how younger this lady became after that transformation. Do you see it? Well, that’s what you get from a job as this one.

@pushiesmakeover 3@omogeadumaradan | The eye lashes, lip job, mild colouring… Just outstanding!

@belladivas@belladivas | If this lady had any issues with her self-confidence, she definitely must have had a character re-birth just like her face had. Transformation at its best!

PHOTO SOURCE | Instagram

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