Top 10 Bridal Picks from Chidinma Obairi’s Resort 2015 Collection Lookbook

Chidinma Obairi CollectionWhen you see a womenswear fashion label out with a collection that is full of pretty dresses, delicate embellishments, soft fabrics and laces, you know you’re gonna find some bridal inspiration in it!

Just like we did from her S/S15 Collection, we have found some lovely bridal inspired pieces in Chidinma Obairi’s Resort 2016 collection lookbook featuring Tansey Coetzee Sodeinde.

Think reception dress, bridal shower gowns, civil ceremony dresses and wedding gowns for the modest bride.

Chidinma has this to say about her inspiration:

“I’m constantly inspired by my travels all over the world. There’s always something to learn, see, and most importantly bring with me back home and incorporate into my work. This collection is a reminder of elegance and sophistication merging with our everyday wardrobe and lifestyle.”

Be inspired!
Chidinma Obairi Collection WEDDaily008

Chidinma Obairi Collection WEDDaily009

Chidinma Obairi Collection WEDDaily010Chidinma Obairi Collection WEDDaily001

Chidinma Obairi Collection WEDDaily002

Chidinma Obairi Collection WEDDaily003

Chidinma Obairi Collection WEDDaily004

Chidinma Obairi Collection WEDDaily005

Chidinma Obairi Collection WEDDaily007

Chidinma Obairi Collection WEDDaily006

Designer ~ Chidinma Obairi | Email ~ | Website ~ | Phone ~ 08186000403 | Instagram @chidinmaobairi
Model ~ Tansey Coetzee

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