To Wear a Pair of Bridal Trousers? Yes You Can!

wedding-trousers08Let’s talk wedding trousers, because breaking the well-honed bridal dress mould is certainly a bold move. But thanks to a brave bunch of forward-thinking brides, the trouser look is becoming increasingly acceptable, and seriously covetable.

When you don’t want to adhere to tradition, of if you’re simply not a dress kind of girl, why opt for a traditional bridal dress on one of the most important and, critically, most photographed days of your life?

For those wanting or merely considering incorporating pants into their wedding day vision, you’re not alone.

You don’t have to change your style on one of the most important days of your life? It’s always important to embrace who you are and wear what is most comfortable for you especially on your big day.

We were inspired by this intimate Brooklyn wedding styled shoot by Chi-Chi Agbim of TwoTwenty to remind you that this style is definitely worth trying.

This look may not for everyone but those who have tried it look incredible!







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