This Bride-To-Be Asked Her Girls To Be Her Bridesmaids In The Sweetest Way

briana1If you thought asking your girlfriends to be your bridesmaids only involved a phone call or a text message, then you are definitely old school!

Bride-to-be Briana Watkins who uses the Instagram account @bizzebri asked her girls to be her bridesmaids in the sweetest way. She invited them to a brunch and gave them each a box which contained a Moët campaign bottle, crystal flute, Dove chocolate and envelopes with rings.

How lovely!

I asked, they said yes 💙 #girlsbrunch #BBMyricks2016

A photo posted by Briana Watkins (@bizzebri) on

Inside the box! — By Me 😍 #BBMyricks2016

A photo posted by Briana Watkins (@bizzebri) on

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