The Beaded Asooke Trend! 15 Awesome Ways to Rock this Classy Look

Beaded Asooke WEDDaily001

If you’ve been paying attention to the new designs in the Yoruba traditional attire popularly known as Asooke like us, you would have noticed a very beautiful and vibrant trend in the geles (head gear).

Beads! Yes, beaded geles are the in thing now and we so love it!

It brings a particular class to the already gallant outfit.

Most times, beads are placed on asookes that have just one colour, and in some cases, two. The beads make the asooke pop. Yes, you can say that again. Sometimes, one colour of beads is used, and sometimes more. Whatever your choice is, make sure the beads are somehow matched in the general colour spectrum of your outfit: perhaps your shoes, buba, iro, makeover, or accessories.

We’ve found 15 lovely photos of brides who have rocked their beaded geles perfectly and we’re sure this would inspire you. This look can be rocked by any Yoruba bride for her traditional wedding, or perhaps, a wedding guest who wants to stand out!

Beaded Asooke WEDDaily002

Beaded Asooke WEDDaily003

Beaded Asooke WEDDaily001

Beaded Asooke WEDDaily004

Beaded Asooke WEDDaily005

Beaded Asooke WEDDaily006

Beaded Asooke WEDDaily007

Beaded Asooke WEDDaily008

Beaded Asooke WEDDaily009

Beaded Asooke WEDDaily010

Beaded Asooke WEDDaily011

Beaded Asooke WEDDaily012

Beaded Asooke WEDDaily013

Beaded Asooke WEDDaily014

Beaded Asooke WEDDaily015
Photo Credit: Instagram @zainabazees, @glamtouchmakeover, @dikophotography, @bookofglamstories, @jopstudios, @emerald_signature, @lbvmakeovers, @demiophotography, @omogeadumaradan

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