TALK-OF-THE-TOWN! Trending Your Wedding On Social Media

The Social Media Wedding

What, really, does social media mean for your wedding… besides just posting a couple of photos from the event on Facebook and Instagram… could you ever possibly do more? Well, if you are looking for some evidence on exactly how big social media is for weddings these days, here’s what we’re gonna tell ya.

At the beginning of 2014, a hotel in the United States launched a social media wedding concierge. What they do is live tweet your ceremony, create your own wedding hashtag as well as create your inspirational honeymoon Pinterest board. Anyways, Kim Kardashian and Kayne West’s wedding holds the record for the most liked photo on Instagram. It scored nearly 2 million likes in just three days.

Now, if it’s walking down the aisle to an audience of cameras or taking it top-notch and getting the customary buzz you get when stuff trend, social media is here to stay.

A growing number of brides, however, are responding to this and going the exact opposite route. Their weddings are just phones and cameras, no hashtags and the couples encourage all guests to simply live in the moment of the day. For most people, this may sound like a nightmare but all is not lost. In fact, there are many ways to use social media for the good of your wedding.

#1. Use it as inspiration
There are a lot of amazing images out there. People post pictures of their own weddings and amazingly talented suppliers show off their skills. Spend time looking at everything you can find to help you narrow down what you want and be creative. Use what you find as a jumping off point to create something that is perfectly you.

#2. Create connections
Every bride will have her own dramas when she’s planning her wedding. And somewhere in the world, there’s another bride that’s gone through something similar. Join online wedding forums, talk to other brides and ask them questions. Most people want to talk about themselves and they’ll be more than willing to help.

Social Media Icons

#3. Find the right suppliers
If there’s one thing we know at WED Daily, it’s exactly how viral wedding trends go. There are professionals who do this for a living and they will definitely do it right for you. Explore the people you want to work with on social media and see what they can do first hand. Often, it will also give you a great idea of their personalities and see how well you mesh with them.

#4. Share it
Chances are, there are some people who want to be at your wedding but won’t be able to. Social media is the perfect way to let them see it in real time. Some people are even using the internet to live-stream weddings. For couples who are marrying far away from home, it allows you to include people who might not be involved otherwise.

#5. Keep it
Using social media for your wedding will give you a whole other keepsake of your wedding. There’s even a growing trend of people broadcasting the result of hashtags at their reception as a talking point. It also gives you the chance to find different images you might not have seen, as well letting your guests help create your memories.

Social Media

Now you see how much social media could do in helping make your wedding as memorable as possible. You should know that weddings are getting bigger, and when you think they can’t get any bigger, someone will find a way to make it happen. Although your wedding should never be a competition and no bride should feel that she needs to up another. Nonetheless, it’s just all about having the best wedding, isn’t it?

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