You’d Love This Bride’s Awesome White & Gold Aso-Oke Colour Pallete

White & Gold02White, they say, is a color of purity and is the common colour choice for brides at their religious weddings. Gold however, is the symbol of wealth, prosperity and good health. Together, they make a classy combination suitable for almost any wedding.

And so when we received photos of this bride’s white and gold aso-oke combo, we loved it and just had to share! Read More…

WED Daily Aso-Oke Special ~ Issue #1 | Champagne


We are pleased to bring to you, another exciting series on WED Daily! This one we like to call WED Daily Aso-Oke Special will feature different colours and styles of Aso-Oke and how they can be mixed together to give you the optimum result.

Today, we would focus on the Champagne colour. But before that, let us tell you a couple of things about this wonderful traditional attire. Read More…