Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello Share Adorable Photos From Their Tropical Honeymoon

Sofia & Joe Honeymoon WEDDaily002
Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello’s honeymoon appears as picture-perfect as they are.

The striking Modern Family actress, and recent bride, took to Instagram to post swoon worthy photos of her relaxing honeymoon with her new hubby.

The couple gave us a sneak peak at their tropical getaway, sharing a few snaps on Instagram. In one of the pictures, posted by both Sofia and Joe, Sofia wrote, “We will never forget this place,” while Joe’s caption reads, “I cannot thank @RealRobertEarl enough for the best vacation of my life! #ParrotCay!”

The couple are having their honeymoon at the Parrot Cay by Como resort in Turks and Caicos.

Vergara and Manganiello exchanged vows before friends and family in an extravagant ceremony on Nov. 22. The beautiful actress wore a custom-made Zuhair Murad gown.
Sofia & Joe Honeymoon WEDDaily003 Sofia & Joe Honeymoon WEDDaily001

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