Romance & Rock ‘N’ Roll, MBN Wedding Season 2 (Abuja) Couple Blessing & George Pre-Wedding Photos | Cognito Studios

Blessing & George071For the first time this Season 2, My Big Nigerian Wedding is making its debut in the nation’s capital, Abuja. And to kick things off on a very exciting note, Blessing & George have emerged winners of the competition and are set to wed by the end of this month.

The lovely couple met through a mutual friend after George saw Blessing’s photo used as her Blackberry DP. The rest is this beautiful story where love always wins.

Enjoy their love story and their spectacular pre-wedding photos captured by Cognito Studios:
Blessing & George001

Blessing & George012

Blessing & George013Blessing & George015

Blessing & George024

Blessing & George025

Blessing & George027

Blessing & George028

Blessing & George029

Blessing & George031

Blessing & George036

Blessing & George039

Blessing & George005

Blessing & George045

Blessing & George055

Blessing & George061

Blessing & George111

Blessing & George116

Blessing & George130

Blessing & George131

Blessing & George134

Blessing & George137

Blessing & George040

Blessing & George042

Blessing & George051

Blessing & George054Blessing & George088

Blessing & George089

Blessing & George092

Blessing & George094

Blessing & George097

Blessing & George096

Blessing & George100

Blessing & George101

Blessing & George098

Blessing & George105

Blessing & George107

Blessing & George058

Blessing & George059

Blessing & George063

Blessing & George067

Blessing & George070

Blessing & George073

Blessing & George076

Blessing & George082
Photography: Cognito Studios ~ @cognitostudios
Makeup: Pretty Ink Signature ~ @prettyinksignature
Wedding Planning: Ivy Lil’ Beth ~ @ivylilbeth

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