Paris, Maldives, Dubai & More! Top 10 Romantically Luxurious Honeymoon Destinations On The Globe


A honeymoon is the next most important event in the life of a newly wedded couple. It is a trip of a lifetime, so every couple spends a considerate amount of time planning it and choosing the right destination. There are so many options and choices. So whether you are a romantic who just wants the thrill and adventure of a honeymoon, you deserve to be in the know about where you should have this experience of a lifetime.

We offer you 10 destinations that will take your breath away. These destinations offer a versatile range of action-packed, culture-focused and relaxing getaways around the globe. We were sure to rank them by taking into account factors, such as atmosphere, hotel quality, overall reputation, expert opinion, traveler preferences and a host of others. Use this list to plan your romantic getaway.

So, here goes;

DUBAI, UAE Free Wallpapers With various activities that can be done during honeymoon, Dubai provides endless pleasure, enjoyment and romance for husband and wife. World class beaches enable you to do many beaches activities. From swimming, scuba diving to sunbathing, you can choose the activities to your liking.

GreeceSantorini beckons to newlyweds with its beautiful beaches, succulent seafood and picturesque white and blue villages. For a truly memorable honeymoon, escape to one of Oia’s famed cave hotels and soak up the island’s breathtaking sunsets.

Rangali IslandWith more than 1,000 islands to choose from, finding the perfect Maldivian honeymoon spot isn’t difficult, especially since each one comes with gourmet dining and postcard-worthy sunsets. Plus, you’ll surely revel in newlywed bliss with a few nights in an over-the-water bungalow.

NapaNothing sets the mood quite like a glass of fine wine, and you don’t need to travel far to find one. Napa Valley will prove just as luxurious as the vineyards of Europe with its upscale hotels, world-class dining and hundreds of wineries brimming with all the whites, reds and rosés you could hope for.


Couples looking for a low-key honeymoon will find it here. You probably won’t encounter cruise ships or high-rise hotels here, but you will find luxurious beachfront villas peering over ash gray sands.

HAWAIIHawaiiThis destination has all the class of splendour; with the added bonus of beautiful beaches and pleasant weather year-round. You’ll also find delicious cuisine and varied lodging options, ranging from charming inns to luxurious resorts.

BarosBaros’ scenery is just the tip of the iceberg. Newlyweds have their pick of several over-the-water resorts. Hotel rates are high, but can you really put a price on a memorable honeymoon?

TahitiThe beaches may not be as picturesque as Baros’, but this famed post-nuptial getaway will leave you feeling pampered. Tahiti boasts deluxe all-inclusives (complete with on-site spas) and expansive shorelines set against spectacular tropical scenery.

PARIS, FRANCEParisSure you’ve been expecting this one… There’s a reason why honeymooning in Paris is a cliché: What better place to kick-start your marriage than the City of Love? You and your amour can spend your days admiring the city’s renowned sights, reveling in its rich flavors and cozying up in deluxe hotels.

HUATULCO, MEXICOMexicoThe Mexican islands boast postcard-worthy beach scenes and luxurious seaside retreats. Honeymooning here won’t be cheap, but with giant boulders, porcelain sands and aqua waves, the stunning visual is worth the price.

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