Noye, MBNWedding Season 2 (Lagos) Bride-To-Be Shares Her Pretty Love Story

Noye has a way with words. The sweet, gentle words she uses to describe her man Emmanuel will make you fall in love with this couple. But what is most charming about them is their love story and the pretty way she narrates it.

Noye & her groom-to-be Emmanuel are winners of WED Expo‘s My Big Nigerian Wedding Season 2 (Lagos) competition. In a few weeks, they will be sealing a relationship that has lasted several years. But before then, she takes us on a journey of their eventful relationship.

Our meeting unlike the typical meeting at an eatery or one of such places was to me divinely orchestrated. We met at a very tender age precisely when we were both in Primary school and that was the moment for me. We were classmates, attended same church, lived in same neighborhood and both families were very close. Little did he know that that I had developed that tingling sensation for him because he was this very neat, gentle, soft spoken (he still is), dark complexioned handsome little boy with impeccable mannerism.

Unlike me, he made his feelings known by all means even though his friends and mine made a mockery of him. He would always send his younger sister to make his intentions known with his sister affirming his feelings too imagine! On one of such occasions, he told my cousin to come tell me that “he was going to marry me” and he got whooped the next day in school for such utterance.

The journey for us had our own fair share of challenges. We never once spoke to each other since we first met till our days in Senior Secondary School, then my family had to move from the neighborhood but that didn’t stop him as he constantly sends letters through a neighbor of his who attended same secondary school with me at that time.

We tried the dating thing, but wasn’t successful as I gained admission to University and then had to travel abroad to continue my education. While abroad, we reconnected (thanks to Facebook) and tried dating again, keeping communication alive via Skype, but again wasn’t successful due to distance which was of great concern to me.
In 2013, Emmanuel took the bull by the horn, making me see reasons that our love can survive the distance if only we want it to and so we decided to give it a try again. I visited Nigeria in December of same year, returned back to school and sometime in 2014, we made our intentions known to our families and the rest is where we are.

That is one question everyone keeps asking me. The truth is that he had already proposed earlier on (wink) and so there was no formal proposal since we and both families already knew it was going to be and if he had still proposed, it wouldn’t have come with any surprise.
Photography: Klala Photography ~ @klalaphotography
Makeup: Beauty Cook ~ @beautycookstudio
Wedding Planning: Trendy Bee ~ @bisolatrendybee

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