Nominate Your Favourite Seasoned Wedding Vendor For The WED Awards Hall Of Fame 2016

WED Awards

The wedding industry in Nigeria has seen significant growth over the years and has also been a strong part of the Nigerian economy by creating jobs as well as being the largest cache of small businesses in Nigeria.

Creativity and professionalism have been a major goal in the industry with several wedding professionals going above and beyond do deliver at par or most times better than the international space competition. The Nigerian wedding industry continues to grow over the years and this is just the beginning as the wedding industry is poised to be a major job creator for the Nigerian economy.

WED Awards is a product from the WED Group, owners of WED Expo for the Nigerian Wedding Industry to recognise innovation, professionalism and creativity from different parts of the Nigerian Wedding Industry. At WED we have remained neutral over the years focusing on the businesses of weddings and promoting the industry in many ways and now we need to recognize the best of the best in different sectors of the industry.

We are proud to introduce the WED Hall Of Fame, a category in the Nigerian Wedding Industry Awards which recognizes seasoned vendors who have been in the wedding industry of at least a decade and have impacted the industry positively. The criteria for nominations are:

  • Should have at least 10 years experience in the Nigerian Wedding Industry
  • Should be nationally respected and recognised
  • Should have successfully trained other enterprising wedding vendors
  • Should be an inspiration to other wedding vendors

* Please note that you have to be a wedding vendor to make a nomination.

To nominate your favourite personality, CLICK HERE

Please note that this is not a voting category, and winners will be selected based on the decision of the Panel of Judges.

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