MBNWedding Season 2 (Abuja) Groom-To-Be George On How He Met & Proposed to His Beautiful Blessing

George Archibong
A journey of love, self-discovery and a strong friendship. This almost sums up Blessing & George’s beautiful story.

For the first time, WED Expo’s My Big Nigerian Wedding made a debut in the capital city of Abuja and this lovely couple, Blessing & George emerged winners after competing with other couples for this grand price. We are so so glad to share their beautiful story.

After playing hard to get for a while, Blessing succumbed to love and now this cute couple are about to make their way to the altar.

Blessing was an acquaintance I met almost a decade ago while visiting her sister who happened to be my coursemate in the University. We had met no more than 2 twice in our entire lives at that point (3, if you include a random encounter where I didn’t even notice her at all).
The funny thing was that years later, we met through a mutual friend of ours Bella. Immediately I saw her picture on Bella’s DP, I said, this is my wife. Bella did the hook up, we shared BBM pins and kicked off. Like in our first encounter, our chats was always brief. She barely responded to my messages.
And expectedly, we didn’t stay in touch. she never sent me a message and I never contacted her since I didn’t have her number and she refused to give it to me.
One day, I sent her a message a week before Christmas and she responded on Christmas day. When I saw this out-of-the-blue message from her whom I had only met like twice in my entire life and who barely tried to reach out before, my first thoughts were skeptical at best. I asked for her number and she sent it. I called her up immediately and we agreed to see the following day as she had stuff to do that day.
I picked her up and guess what I thought? How rare that a lady would be so open in sharing. She was earnest and sincere. Plus, she spoke about her passion for writing and her giftings and I thought that was sweet. She seemed friendly, sensitive, and without airs I liked how the conversation was going.
Months later, I said something I shouldn’t have said and she warned me not to contact her again.
However, we started talking again and gradually we were talking every few minutes. Blessing had this sensitivity and sincerity that made me keen to hear from her and share more about me.
If I were to give a score, Blessing was easily scoring A’s in just emotional quotient alone. Her kindness and sensitivity were at a level which I had never seen in any other lady before and I mean it.
Whether this brewing bond was platonic or romantic — I didn’t know. For all I knew, I loved the feeling and I didn’t want it to stop.

We love big and fight big. (lol). Blessing is a lady I could see myself with in life because of her openness, big heart, and genuine care towards me and people. At the same time, I was unsure about our long-term future, primarily because of our personality differences. To be honest, I struggled with this initially as her personality can be a bit overwhelming – she seems to burst with life. I thought it would be great if we were compatible in every way.
Emotionally, Blessing is beyond what I could have ever asked for. I had always wanted someone kind: Blessing is not only kind, but also sensitive, reliable, open, caring, empathetic, patient, and sweet.
Physically, Blessing is again beyond what I could have asked for. She has an amazing body, charming, pretty, and takes care to dress herself well.
Spiritually, Blessing loves God, that’s all I can say and I wanted us both to have that kind of relationship with God.
After some thought, I realized I was okay with not having full compatibility. I realized what I truly needed in a partner was emotional availability, kindness, and caringness, and Blessing was already all of that, plus some more. I couldn’t have asked for more.
This was the first time when I thought, hey, I think this is someone I can see myself with for life.

I totally wanted to catch her by surprise since she always thought I wouldn’t propose. I got this hand bag and slipped a note inside, saying that I wanted to take our journey of friendship to the next level by making her my wife.
I had the bag put in her office before her arrival. She arrived and as we entered her office, she saw the bag on her desk and thought it was one of the normal gifts I give sometimes. It wasn’t until she opened the bag and read the note, that she caught it, that I was proposing. I was shy as it was a bit awkward for me but since she liked that sort thing, it was worth it just seeing her expression.
Blessing & George005
Photography: Cognito Studios ~ @shawn_cognitostudios
Makeup: Pretty Ink Signature ~ @prettyinksignature
Wedding Planning: Ivy Lil’ Beth ~ @ivylilbeth

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