Lola Brides Launches Website With Traditional Wedding Inspired Shoot

Lola Brides WEDDaily003
Lola Brides, a wedding resource and ideas platform is announcing the launch of its official website. will showcase different African trends as well as services that they will be providing. Lola Brides will be providing a range of services to brides and clients giving them easy access to Lola Bride vendors.

Lola Brides will be providing a range of services such as hair & makeup bundles, photography packages and wedding/event planning services.

Clients will be able to contact Lola Brides directly through their new website as well as send in articles of their love stories and send in photos to feature on their Instagram page.

The Lola Brides blog section on the website will keep everyone up to date with key wedding trends as well as include interviews with amazing wedding vendors in the industry such as George Okoro, Shomya Lag, Bimmms24 & JustAsPlanned.

Due to the launch of the website LolaBrides planned a photoshoot to provide photos to be the face of the brand new website. Here are some of the photos:
Lola Brides WEDDaily001

Lola Brides WEDDaily002

Lola Brides WEDDaily004

Lola Brides WEDDaily005

Lola Brides WEDDaily007

Lola Brides WEDDaily008

Lola Brides WEDDaily009

Lola Brides WEDDaily012

Lola Brides WEDDaily013

Lola Brides WEDDaily014

Lola Brides WEDDaily015

Lola Brides WEDDaily016

Lola Brides WEDDaily017

Lola Brides WEDDaily018

Lola Brides WEDDaily019

Lola Brides WEDDaily021

Lola Brides WEDDaily022

Lola Brides WEDDaily023

Lola Brides WEDDaily024
Photographer – @MC_Media
Jewellery – @YT_Jewels 
MakeUp – @NeonVelvet
Gele Tying – @GlamByTeeTee

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