Introducing WED Awards – Nigerian Wedding Industry Awards 2016 | Nominate Your Favourite Wedding Vendor

WED Awards
The wedding industry in Nigeria has seen significant growth over the years and has also been a strong part of the Nigerian economy by creating jobs as well as being the largest cache of small businesses in Nigeria.

Creativity and professionalism have been a major goal in the industry with several wedding professionals going above and beyond do deliver at par or most times better than the international space competition. The Nigerian wedding industry continues to grow over the years and this is just the beginning as the wedding industry is poised to be a major job creator for the Nigerian economy.

WED Awards is a product from the WED Group, owners of WED Expo for the Nigerian Wedding Industry to recognise innovation, professionalism and creativity from different parts of the Nigerian Wedding Industry. At WED we have remained neutral over the years focusing on the businesses of weddings and promoting the industry in many ways and now we need to recognize the best of the best in different sectors of the industry.

There will be different nominations and voting areas:
1) Hall of Fame: These are individuals who meet the following criteria’s below

  • Over 10 Years in the wedding industry
  • Consistency in creativity year over year
  • Nationwide industry recognized leader
  • Mentor to several other wedding professionals

2) Nominees: These are companies that meet the following criteria’s below

  • Consistency in innovation, professionalism and creativity from February 2015 – February 2016
  • Exceptional work delivery

WED Awards2Timeline for WED Awards
Call for Nominations Begins: 1st Week In April
End of Nominations: 2nd Week In May
Voting Begins: 2nd Week In May
Voting Ends: 3rd week in July

Sponsorship of the Nigerian Wedding Industry Awards
As a brand, this is the best way to get value for your marketing budget and brand equity. Sponsoring the WED Awards puts you ahead of your competition and shows you support small businesses in Nigeria while still getting great return on investment.

We have different types of sponsorships

  • Category Presenting Sponsor (Example: XYZ Cosmetics Sponsors Bridal Makeup Artist of the Year or KYZ Drink Sponsors Cocktail Company of the year)
  • Major Sponsor
  • Presenting Sponsor

For details on how your brand can take advantage of this exceptional opportunity, Call 08096448289 or Email:

How to Nominate
Go to and place your nomination in any category you want. CLICK HERE for Hall Of Fame Nomination or CLICK HERE for General Awards Nominations.

Categories for Nominations and Codes
Wedding Hair Stylist Of The Year (HairStylist)
Bridal Makeup Artist Of The Year (Makeup)
Wedding Cake Designer Of The Year (Cake)
Confectionery & Dessert Maker Of The Year (Dessert)
Cocktail Mixer of the Year (Cocktail)
Drinks Vendors Of The Year (Drinks)
Wedding Caterer Of The Year (Caterer)
Wedding Videographer Of The Year (Video)
Wedding Photographer Of The Year (Photo)
Wedding DJ Of The Year (DJ)
Wedding MC Of The Year (MC)
Wedding Band Of The Year (Band)
Wedding Decorator Of The Year (Décor)
Luxury Event Designer Of The Year (Designer)
Wedding Planner Of The Year (Planner)
Luxury Wedding Planner Of The Year (LuxPlanner)
Asooke Designer Of The Year (Asooke)
Bridal Boutique Of The Year (Boutique)
Menswear Designer Of The Year (Menswear)
Bridal Designer Of The Year (BridalDesign)
Wedding Jewelry Designer Of The Year (Jewelry)
Wedding Accessory Designer Of The Year (Accessory)
Wedding Invitation Designer Of The Year (Invite)
Stationery Vendor Of The Year (Station)
Wedding Security Outfit of the year (Security)
Wedding Reception Venue Of The Year (Hotel)
Wedding Reception Venue Of The Year (Hall)
Wedding Social Media Page Of The Year (Social)
Wedding Blogger Of The Year (Blogger)

Industry Choice Awards
Nigerian Wedding Professional Of The Year (WEDPro)
Nigerian Wedding Professional New Comer of the year (Newcomer)

Regional Awards
Wedding Entrepreneur of the Year (North) (WEDNorth)
Wedding Entrepreneur of the Year (South) (WEDSouth)
Wedding Entrepreneur of the Year (East) (WEDEast)
Wedding Entrepreneur of the Year (West) (WEDWest)

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