How Soon Before The Wedding Should You Have A Bridal Shower

Mide-Falore-Bridal-Shower-10303The bridal shower is an excellent opportunity for the guest of honor and her closest companions to celebrate and anticipate the big day. However, choosing the perfect date is more difficult than it may seem. Our etiquette experts weigh in on the best time to host a bridal shower.

Age-old customs dictate that the bridal shower must take place between eight weeks and two weeks before the wedding, allowing the bride adequate time to breathe before the big day while also ensuring that majority of the wedding plans are complete.

This rule, though, can obviously be broken if the timeframe doesn’t work for you and the bride. Some brides may be more pleased with a surprise shower midway between their engagement bash and the wedding itself, while others may love the idea of a shower just before their stroll down the aisle.

If you are taking charge of the bridal shower planning process, by all means choose a date that suits you and your entourage best. If your maid of honor is throwing the fete, you may wish to subtly suggest your date and time preferences.

The ingredients for a perfect bridal shower are a happy bride and pleased guests, so be sure to choose a date that satisfies you and your wedding party. Nothing is more disappointing than a bridal shower with low attendance. Therefore, picking a date after you determine your wedding date and guest list is advisable.

Once you’ve pinned down your wedding invitees and nominated your bridesmaids, you can move on to planning the bridal shower of your dreams.

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