Here Are The Fun Official Photos from WED Expo’s MBNWedding Season 2 (Lagos) Winners’ Noye & Emmanuel’s Grand Wedding

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily033It’s Official!

You can actually have a dream wedding in Nigeria by just dreaming, and of course, participating in My Big Nigerian Wedding competition.

Yes, Noye & Emmanuel, the Lagos winners of WED Expo‘s wedding competition, My Big Nigerian Wedding have tied the knot in style, and their wedding was one that would be remembered for a long long time.

As you scroll through these pictures, get prepared to be wowed by the colour, glamour and beauty that can only come about when you have a stellar team of wedding vendors who make up the DREAM TEAM. We are so grateful to them for joining us in the task of making this couple’s dream come true! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Noye & Emmanuel entered for this contest along with hundreds of couples and after a rigorous round of voting and a grand finale, they emerged winners of the competition carting away a N15Million wedding and a honeymoon in Abu Dhabi.

My Big Nigerian Wedding is produced by WED Expo in partnership with Riverside Productions, the TV Production Company producing episodes of the Reality Show which will begin airing on TV Stations across the country soon.

Let’s enjoy the full official photos for the couple’s wedding.

Noye & Emmanuel 019

Noye & Emmanuel 021

Noye & Emmanuel 015

Noye & Emmanuel 017

Noye & Emmanuel 022

Noye & Emmanuel 026Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily007

Noye & Emmanuel 032

Noye & Emmanuel 036
Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily010

Noye & Emmanuel 043

Noye & Emmanuel 050

Noye & Emmanuel 045

Noye & Emmanuel 049

Noye & Emmanuel 054_MG_3316

Noye & Emmanuel 058Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily015

Noye & Emmanuel 059

Noye & Emmanuel 056

Noye & Emmanuel 064

Noye & Emmanuel 065

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily060

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily062

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily063Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily061

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily064

Noye & Emmanuel 067

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily016

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily019

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily020

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily021

Noye & Emmanuel 063

Noye & Emmanuel 060

Noye & Emmanuel 061

The Reception
Noye & Emmanuel 002

Noye & Emmanuel 005

Noye & Emmanuel 006

Noye & Emmanuel 007

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily018IMG-20150912-WA032

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily022

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily023Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily024

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily025

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily071IMG-20150912-WA036

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily072

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily074Noye & Emmanuel 072

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily028

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily029Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily042

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily043

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily032

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily017Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily033

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily034

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily036Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily077

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily037

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily038

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily039

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily040

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily041

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily043

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily045Noye & Emmanuel 079

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily049_MG_4171

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily055

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily057

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily058Noye & Emmanuel 084

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily052

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily053Noye & Emmanuel 080

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily047_MG_4156

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily048

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily086

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily087Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily069

Noye & Emmanuel 008

Noye & Emmanuel 009

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily026

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily075

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily076

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily081

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily082

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily083

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily084

Noye & Emmanuel 011

Noye & Emmanuel 012

Noye & Emmanuel 068

Noye & Emmanuel 069

Noye & Emmanuel 070

Noye & Emmanuel 071

Noye & Emmanuel 075

Noye & Emmanuel 076

Noye & Emmanuel 077

Noye & Emmanuel 078

Noye & Emmanuel 081

Noye & Emmanuel 082

The Bride’s Second Look
Noye & Emmanuel 086

Noye & Emmanuel 087

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily085Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily059

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily001

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily002

Noye weds Emmanuel WEDDaily003
Official Wedding Venue – The Balmoral
Contact: 08114788354 ~ @havenbalmoralevents

Invitation Cards – The Wedding Store
Contact: 08180908128 ~ @theweddingstoreng

Wedding Planning – Trendy Bee Events
Contact: 08101559819 ~ @bisolatrendybee

Bridesmaids Robes & Custom Gifts – Beryl Signature Events
Contact: 08031116976 ~ @berylsignature_events

Bridal Gown Designer – Tosho Woods
Contact: 08034054156 ~ @toshowoods

Bride’s Reception Dress – Anike Midele
Contact: 08083716572 ~ @anike_midele @ambridals

Grooms’ Suit – Taryor Gabriels
Contact: 08034299025 ~ @taryorgabriels

Wedding Cake – Almonds ‘n’ Vanilla
Contact: 08032011143 ~ @almondsnvanilla

Wedding Decor – Jason Davids
Contact: 08023190281 ~ @jasondavidsrental

Photobooth – Photogenic Photobooth
Contact: 08060903561 ~ @photogenic_photobooth

Wedding Shoes – Mona Matthews
Contact: 08023055212 ~ @mona_matthews

Bride’s Makeup – Beauty Cook
Contact: 08025118559 ~ @beautycookstudio

Bride’s Hair – O’Naturals
Contact: 08187409001 ~ @onaturals1

Photography – Klala Photography
Contact: 08036144708 ~ @klalaphotography

Bouquet & Boutonnières – Rosety Gardens
Contact: 08025697479 ~ @rosetygardens

Cocktails – Biobev Limited
Contact: 08096812260 ~

Chocolate Fountain & Dessert – Sweet Cravings Desserts
Contact: 08033360261 ~ @sweetcravingsdesserts

Bridal Accessories – Bejewelled by Tosyne
Contact: 08022725407 ~ Bejewelled by Tosyne

MC – Alex Osho
Contact: 08168505594 ~ @alexosho

DJ – DJ Poppaey
Contact: 08188617533 ~ @deejaypoppaey

Live Feed & Multi Media – Event Messenger
Contact: 08098215018 ~ @eventmessenger

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