He Proposed In Church! Read WED Dream Wedding Winners – Toyosi & Wole’s Lovely Proposal Story

IMG_9425Behind every beautiful wedding is a beautiful proposal story… well, almost every wedding 💍

As we count down to the most exciting wedding of 2017, we have for you today the lovely proposal story of WED Dream Wedding winners Toyosi & Wole.


By the Groom-to-be, Wole
I proposed in Church on a regular week-day meeting. She thought I was going propose a week before but I deferred it when I noticed she was aware. After the Pastor’s sermon, he invited me to share a testimony (prior to that, the pastor was still thinking about my request to propose in church – it was never done before, I did not get a quick reply so I did not plan for it, I did not even have the ring with me lol). Thankfully she said ‘YES’.

By the Bride-to-be, Toyosi
Wole proposed on Wednesday the 11th of May, 2016. I expected him to propose the week before because he had planned a wonderful date so I was ready and looked extremely gorgeous but apparently he and my sister wanted me to be surprised so they pushed it forward. On that fateful Wednesday, I was working from home so I was dressed very down. I had to work at church during the evening service that day and as I was about to leave home, my mom told me to change that I looked horrible. I immediately started arguing with her on why I didn’t need to change and after a while she left me. I won the argument (so I thought). IMG_9386That evening, my pastor walks into church and we were both seated near the front but not beside each other and my pastor says “Wole I sent you a text message”. I remember clearly thinking; Na wa o, when did Wole and my pastor become texting buddies when I’ve even known my pastor longer. So, I started trying to do amebo to find out what the text message said but Wole wouldn’t even give me face. Anyways when my pastor was done preaching , He called Wole out saying he had a testimony and that the church should listen. In my mind at this time I was thinking; what testimony, what has happened that this guy didn’t tell me first (I was already planning my trouble for him). Next thing I know Wole calls me to step out to his side. IMG_9549At this point I just wanted to disappear. I was looking so raggedy; no makeup, hair was a mess, nails were horrific, and my outfit was nothing to write home about. Anyways I get up and kept looking around trying to find my mom to give her the look of “betrayal”. I stood in front of Wole, our sides were facing the church and I was just hoping this was a dream. Next thing Wole gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him. I was utterly speechless and just nodded and pulled him to get back up as fast as I could while the whole church was cheering. The only emotion I was feeling throughout the proposal was shock and I wanted to escape but there was nowhere to run to. Anyways thank God I nodded yes and didn’t faint.


Photography: DIKO Photography @dikophotography
Makeup: Adorned By Joy @adornedbyjoy
Video: Wedding Box Office @weddingboxoffice

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