Hausa Traditional Wedding Inspiration: Pretty Brides In Stunning Oufits & Traditional Body Art

Hausa Bride10

There are so many beautiful aspects of Nigerian traditional weddings that we just can’t get tired of showcasing them!

Our feature on today’s Traditional Wedding Style Inspiration will center around Hausa Brides and their interesting wedding traditions. The Hausas are recognized as a tribe with very rich cultures and traditions… amongst these is the way they conduct their weddings and dress their brides.

Very notable is the Traditional Body Art carried out on mostly the hands and feet of these brides. This art popularly known as Lalli is what stands Hausa brides from their southern, eastern and western counterparts. Call it traditional tattoo… you won’t be wrong because Lalli decoration plays the same role as its modern variant in beautifying the body. However unlike the permanent modern tattoos which are able to last for years or sometimes forever, Lalli designs are meant to last just for few days, weeks or months depending on the amount of ingredients used and how often the painting comes in contact with water.

Dating back to pre-colonial times, this fine art remains popular to this day among the Hausas and other tribes of Northern Nigeria. A Northern bride maybe all dressed up, looking very enchanting in her wedding outfit, but her dressing, no matter how elegant or expensive, will not be deemed complete until her hands and legs are painted with the locally made liquid fluid known as Henna. It is also mandatory for the bride’s entire bridal train to paint their hands and feet as well.

Are you a Hausa bride planning your traditional wedding soon or do you just love the Hausa culture? These lovely photos below would inspire you:

Hausa Bride01 Hausa Bride02 Hausa Bride03 Hausa Bride04 Hausa Bride05 Hausa Bride06 Hausa Bride07 Hausa Bride08 Hausa Bride09 Hausa Bride11Photo Credit: Atilary Photography | Maigaskiya Photography | Halima Bepo Make-Up Artist & Photography | Simi Vijay Photography | Steve Reinz Elite Photography | George Okoro Weddings

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