Gorgeous Beauty & Style Inspiration For The Modern Bride | Peculiar Haston Photography

Bridal Inspiration005Your bridal look is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. Not only will you feel beautiful and confident as a bride whose look is well put together, you will definitely be the envy of all, especially the one you are saying ‘I Do’ with.

Today’s bridal inspiration shoot will inspire every bride-to-be in a beautiful and unique way.

Bridal Inspiration002

Bridal Inspiration003

Bridal Inspiration004

Bridal Inspiration005

Bridal Inspiration006

Bridal Inspiration007

Bridal Inspiration008

Bridal Inspiration009

Bridal Inspiration010

Bridal Inspiration011

Bridal Inspiration012

Bridal Inspiration013
Makeup by @_firenze_
Model @ms_ogunb
Hair by @ayosplacestudio
Wedding dress by @yes_i_do_bridal
Photography by @peculiarhaston

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