Gloria weds Ogbonda! Exclusive Photos From The OCJ Okocha Wedding | UDIMEE PHOTOGRAPHY

OCJ Okocha13

Hello WED Daily lovers! Having a swell day we suppose? Well, the day is just about to get more interesting!

Today, we have for you, exclusive photos from the wedding between Gloria Okolo and Ogbonda Okocha.

The groom, Ogbonda, is the son of the great OCJ Okocha Family in Port Harcourt. OCJ, as most of us know, is the former President of the Nigerian Bar Association and Former Chief Judge.

The couple have been together for 7 years now but only as love-birds… until the day they were anointed Man & Wife.

Congratulations to the couple and the entire OCJ Okocha Family.

Here are photos from the ceremony;


OCJ Okocha01 OCJ Okocha02


OCJ Okocha03 OCJ Okocha04 OCJ Okocha05 OCJ Okocha06 OCJ Okocha07 OCJ Okocha08 OCJ Okocha09 OCJ Okocha10 OCJ Okocha11 OCJ Okocha12 OCJ Okocha13 OCJ Okocha14 OCJ Okocha15

PHOTO CREDIT | Udimee Photography –

Instagram @Udimee

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