Fall In Love With Aisha & Aminu’s Post-Wedding Photos | Lemmy Vedutti Photography

Aisha & Aminu WEDDaily002

Aisha and Aminu exude such simplicity and elegance, its impossible not to fall in love with them.

We love how they decided to wow us with stunning pictures not just for their engagement session and wedding, but a post-wedding photoshoot.

Lemmy Vedutti Photography brings us lovely photos from a cozy post-wedding photoshoot. From the living room, to the library, to the lawn, this newly weds show us that they are truly comfortable in each other’s arms and ready to spend the rest of their lives together in a happy home.

We wish them the very best!

Aisha & Aminu WEDDaily001 Aisha & Aminu WEDDaily003 Aisha & Aminu WEDDaily004 Aisha & Aminu WEDDaily005 Aisha & Aminu WEDDaily006 Aisha & Aminu WEDDaily007

Photography @lemmyvedutti
Dress @kathyanthony
Makeup @bellezzafaces


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