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The Great Chitolyn18

Proposals, Pre-wedding Photo-Shoots, Traditional Weddings, Dress Rehearsals, Bridal Showers, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Pre-wedding dinners, and even Real Weddings… all these have one thing in common; the flexibility for creative diversity and out-of-the-box planning.

Confused? Let’s break it down. You plan to hold one of the events listed above and you just don’t know how to go about it. You have an idea but you feel it isn’t the best you could get. Some go ahead to employ the services of event planners and this ends up being a very good option. This is because further consultation will only bring what we refer to as ‘Creative Diversity.’

This was the case with Chitolyn and her friends at her Bridal Shower. If you’ve seen the movie, ‘The Great Gatsby’, then you will pretty much understand the entire concept. We must admit, it is creative thinking by the event planners, PlanIt Showers.

According to one of the bride-to-be’s friend;

Myself and a group of Chitolyn’s close friends decided to have a bridal shower for her. We decided to hand over the planning to PlanIt Showers.

They came up with a theme we all loved ; ‘The Great Gatsby Theme ‘. Invitations were sent out to the guests which included the ‘1920’s inspired dress-code and thankfully everyone adhere to the dress code while props were provided by the planner.

It started by 3pm; the guests all managed to be there before the bride arrived. We played series of games had lots to eat and drink. It was fun fun fun!

Involving Planit showers was the best idea ever, They surpassed our expectations and the bride was very excited.

The Bride walked in; we all had a good laugh… She seemed very confused for a second.



The Great Chitolyn24Chitolyn Arrives

The Great Chitolyn01THE GREAT CHITOLYN | The bride-to-be in her ’20s inspired outfit.

The Great Chitolyn12 The Great Chitolyn17 The Great Chitolyn18Friends & Guests

The Great Chitolyn19Awesome Decor

The Great Chitolyn20 The Great Chitolyn21 The Great Chitolyn22 The Great Chitolyn23Guests Playing a Game

The Great Chitolyn02 The Great Chitolyn03Guests Playing The ‘Toss The Ball’ Game

The Great Chitolyn04 The Great Chitolyn05 The Great Chitolyn06 The Great Chitolyn07More Decor Details


The Great Chitolyn08 The Great Chitolyn09 The Great Chitolyn10 The Great Chitolyn11 The Great Chitolyn14 The Great Chitolyn15 The Great Chitolyn13 The Great Chitolyn16

Date | 14th March 2015
Venue | Pattaya Restaurant, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Planning & Decorations | PlanIt Showers | IG @planitshowers
Photography | Jgates visuals | IG @jgatesvisuals

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