“EKÓ AKÉTÈ” The Official Collection Of Gbenga Artsmith’s First Ever Diffusion Line

ASHAKE ONIDIRI 3We are so glad to present Gbenga Artsmith‘s official collection for its first-ever diffusion line titled: “EKÓ AKÉTÈ.”

According to the stylist/jeweler, Gbenga Dada: “The collection is inspired by the familiar nuances in everyday Lagos living- from the lifestyle of the lady hawker to the “Owambe” party rocker. Lagos is a potpourri of multiple cultural influences coming together to form the lifestyle of its inhabitants. We see cosmopolitan vibes joined in fashion matrimony with tribal sensibilities and giving birth to a very versatile style.

Check out the lovely collection:

OSHUKA: It is a common sight to see hawkers or labourers’s heads doning a makeshift hat made from cement bags or a fabric deftly wrapped into a crown that serves as a cushion and they are popularly called “Oshuka ” This yellow turban is an allusion to the famous “OSHUKA.”

AUNTY ONI-BROOCH: This look was inspired by itinerant traders in Lagos who display their gold accessories on an apron worn over their body.AUNTY ONI-BROOCHAUNTY ONI-BROOCH 2

ASHAKE ONIDIRI: Ashake is a Lagos hairdresser who thinks she is the best model of her own craft.ASHAKE ONIDIRIASHAKE ONIDIRI 3ASHAKE ONIDIRI 2

YARINYA EKO: “Yarinya” means girl in Hausa language. “Yarinya Eko” is an Hausa girl resident in Lagos who is in tune with the urban elegance of modern life but hasn’t lost touch with her roots, hence the reason she sports “Liali” (henna tattoo) as part of her everyday look.EK+ô YARINYAdownloadfile-28

OYINLOLA: She’s your typical Lagos party rocker who just wants to have as much fun as she can at weddings every weekend.OYINLOLAOYINLOLA 3OYINLOLA 2

ADESUA: She is a Benin glamazon who is proud of her ethnic identity and still chic! She styles her hair to have a resemblance with the “Okuku” crown common to brides and Queens from her tribe. She is a Queen herself. A Benin Queen in Lagos.ADESUAADESUA 2

Jewelry/Styling: @gbengaartsmith
Photography: @trans4mazfotography
Makeup: @da_veeshome
Asooke: @houseofasooke
Models: @amiliafairlady @ifeomaawele

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