Ditch The Bridal Dress, Do A Jumpsuit!

jumpsuitIt might be the most unconventional trend but it’s definitely one to try. ‎

Wedding jumpsuits are making a major statement in modern weddings! The trend was made even more popular with Solange Knowles rocking a whopping 3 jumpsuits during her wedding. With recently released pictures of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman‘s daughter, Isabelle Cruise‘s wedding where her bridesmaids rocked blush pink jumpsuits, it’s official that the trend is here to stay. Various designers like have already showcased pieces celebrating the trend so for brides looking to switch up the game and stand out……. brides maid jumpsuit it definitely the way to go!

It’s quite a simple trend, just keep these two basic tips in mind:

– ‎Keep it loose: Loose fit always works. Fabrics like Chiffon and silk are great choices. Wide legs pants look like skirts from the side, flattering on all shapes and are classic. Imagine being able to wear your brides maid outfit over and over again! How cool!

– Avoid drama‎: it’s all about the bride you know. Over the top designs could end up being very distracting

– Opt for classic cuts and silhouette

Is this a trend you’d be willing to try on your big day? If you’ve been considering that option, these pictures would inspire you:

Bridal J 2Bridal J 6

Bridal J 1

Bridal J 1 5

Bridal J 1 3

Bridal J 7

Bridal J 4

Photo Credit: Instagram, Pintrest.com

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