Colourful & Vibrant Photos from Orimini & Ikenna’s Big Day | Huxley Benson Studios

OriminiIke134Classiness and vibrant colours are not usually two to go hand in hand, but this bride made it work for her big day! With shades of blue and gold in the bridesmaids and groomsmen attires, matched with red and gold in the wedding reception decor, the tone was set for a truly a memorable affair. 

We love the way the bride’s bouquet and groom’s suit coordinated perfectly with different shades of blue.

Orimini and Ikenna were introduced by a mutual friend 2 years ago. They chatted and kept in touch until they met for the first time in March 2014 when they both returned to Nigeria from overseas. They discovered they shared so much in common not just in their semblance as they were often told. Six months later, he popped the question and here they are… married!

Huxley Benson Studios captured lovely memories from their special day:

OriminiIke007 OriminiIke008 OriminiIke013 OriminiIke017 OriminiIke031 OriminiIke038 OriminiIke043 OriminiIke044 OriminiIke049 OriminiIke051 OriminiIke057 OriminiIke069 OriminiIke075 OriminiIke086 OriminiIke088 OriminiIke109 OriminiIke117 OriminiIke130 OriminiIke135 OriminiIke138 OriminiIke139 OriminiIke182 OriminiIke186 OriminiIke187 OriminiIke188 OriminiIke191 OriminiIke192 OriminiIke201 OriminiIke202 OriminiIke206 OriminiIke209 OriminiIke210 OriminiIke211 OriminiIke212 OriminiIke225 OriminiIke229 OriminiIke230 OriminiIke237 OriminiIke240 OriminiIke243 OriminiIke244 OriminiIke248 OriminiIke249 OriminiIke250 OriminiIke260 OriminiIke264 OriminiIke269 OriminiIke272 OriminiIke274 OriminiIke275 OriminiIke276 OriminiIke282

Photography: Huxley Benson Studios @hbstudiosng
Groom’s Suit: @Mrsidi
Bride’s Gown: @hudaya
Event Planner: Uduak 08039554869
Decor: Narnia Events

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