Check Out Exquisite Wedding Reception Decor at President Jonathan’s Daughter, Ine’s Wedding To Simeon

Wedding Decor10

President Jonathan‘s Daughter, Ine’s wedding to Simeon is past now, but the memories linger. And we just couldn’t help but relieve one of them, which is how exquisite the wedding reception decor was.

The lighting was perfect and every piece of linen used just fit in wonderfully well.

The decoration which was done by Blue Velvet Marquee was out-of-this-world… and surely the best money can buy. You should see it for yourself;

Wedding Decor01 Wedding Decor02 Wedding Decor03 Wedding Decor04 Wedding Decor05 Wedding Decor06 Wedding Decor07 Wedding Decor08 Wedding Decor09 Wedding Decor10 Wedding Decor11 Wedding Decor12

PHOTOS by Huxley Benson Studios
DECOR by Blue Velvet Marquee

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