5 Things Every Bride Should Avoid On Her Wedding Day


Your wedding day is fast approaching and you are the happiest woman on the planet. You plan to make it a day no one will ever forget! Paint the city red and dance till your legs quake and give way. My dear, all of these are possible if only you are careful not to cast caution to wind. Being conscious and being apprehensive are two different phenomenon. You can ensure the former if you do well to avoid these scenarios on that day: Read More…

Weddings Can Be Fun & Memorable, Even For The Elderly!


I recently stumbled upon a wedding photograph of an elderly couple digging it out; not at their children’s wedding but at theirs. Oh yeah! You just read that. A Grandpa and his better half of about 60 and 55 years respectively defied every law of youth; swinging and wriggling their bodies like teenagers on the dance floor. You can only stand stunned at sights like that! Read More…

Paris, Maldives, Dubai & More! Top 10 Romantically Luxurious Honeymoon Destinations On The Globe


A honeymoon is the next most important event in the life of a newly wedded couple. It is a trip of a lifetime, so every couple spends a considerate amount of time planning it and choosing the right destination. There are so many options and choices. So whether you are a romantic who just wants the thrill and adventure of a honeymoon, you deserve to be in the know about where you should have this experience of a lifetime. Read More…

How She Did It! WED Daily Bride Temitope Akin-Benson Speaks On How She Planned Her Wedding

Temitope Akin Benson06

Planning a wedding can often be an arduous but fulfilling task for brides. At WED Daily, we love to help you through those moments and celebrate brides who plan their wedding successfully.

Our bride today is Temitope Akin-Benson who tied the knot with her darling Tolulope some months back. She takes us through the process of choosing her dress, wedding venue, and even baking her own wedding cake! You’d surely learn a thing or two from her experience: Read More…

The Bridal Series with Adanna & David: The next steps after engagement



Today, we have another great video for you and this time around, its from the sensational couple who have caused so much buzz on Instagram lately – Adanna & David.

In this second episode of their Bridal Series, Adanna, who is currently planning her white wedding talks about what to do immediately after you get engaged.

She shares some interesting tips on dealing with the initial excitement and the hilarious story of how she lost her voice while calling friends after she got engaged. Read More…