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Hi there! todays bridal inspiration focuses on bridal hair and make up.

Every brides dream is to be the most beautiful lady of the day and that means that she must slay her hair, make up, dress, shoes & accessories  100%. @faithadamsmakeup and @Hairfreak55_ have been able to achieve a modern day beautiful bridal inspiration.

Take a look at the amazing shots by

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charlie weddaily 001Edo is a very rich culture especially when it comes to their weddings. their brides are usually the center of attention in every traditional marriage. Most times they wear a red velvet wrapper which covers the chest to the feet, sometimes it may be other textiles or colours. The bride is then decorated with a lot of beads from their head to toe. what amazes us most is the way their hair is style into perfection with these beads.

In this episode of bridal inspiration @glamtouch1 has succeeded in achieving an amazing look for her muse@paintedbypawpaw  who wears a red velvet and a lot of coral beads from her head to toe.

see more photos of this bridal shoot taken by @photographercharlie

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Hi there! its a lovely day and we got a great one for you today.  This photo session is a great inspiration for brides and wedding guests especially for those who love the colour Blue which has been a great summer wedding colour.

The shoot was put together by the great Lemmy Vedutti Team and other Amazing vendors.


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Hi guys! welcome to our new section ‘Before Meets After’….
A lot of people have different views and perspectives when it comes to make up but I believe that Make up is a powerful tool in the hands of anyone especially in the hands of a creative and artistic person to enhance beauty.
some have proved to be of the creative and artistic nature when it comes to makeup.

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Personalize Your Wedding Ring By Engraving These Romantic Words


Engraving is the ultimate way to personalize your wedding ring. Here’s why;

The custom of inscribing romantic poetry onto wedding rings began in the courts of medieval Europe. Today, engraving a message on the inside of the ring or even around the perimeter of the stone is one of the easiest ways to personalize an engagement ring on your wedding bands. Read More…

Exotic Blooms You Should Definitely Add To Your Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Flowers12

When it comes to wedding budgets, it is rare enough to develop an extensive knowledge about flowers, let alone remember the names of your favourites.

So, we took it upon ourselves to make the decision easier for you. From anemone to thistle, we’ve made, for you a little collection so you can brush up on your knowledge of flowers before picking out your own blooms. Read More…

THE AFTERMATH!!! What Will Your Guests Say About Your Wedding

Guests at a wedding

There is just that common desire amongst all couples to always want to please and satisfy their wedding guests. So, when the guests (the kind and nice ones, of course) walk up to them after the reception to commend them on how well-planned the event was and how much fun they had, these couples (most especially, the brides) get all the more fulfilled and happy. Read More…

For The Simple & Elegant Bride: A Rustic Themed Photoshoot | Gazmadu Photography

GMP_RSS-269It’s a beautiful Monday morning and we have for you a lovely shoot aimed at inspiring the bride who is all for simplicity, uniqueness, a rustic/vintage feel to her day and with a lot of romance.

Put together by Yagazie Madu Eguare, the creative director of Gazmadu Photography and a host of other talented vendors, the shoot is a thoroughly refreshing one. Read More…

Lights & Beauty! A Gorgeous Poolside Wedding Inspiration | Klala Photography

Poolside Wedding Inspiration010There are so many marvelous ways to have an intimate and unique wedding celebration. Why not get hitched poolside?

Organize a classy poolside wedding reception by mixing equal parts of glamour and welcome. Fill the poolside with the best decor and lights and enjoy your day with family and friends in a special way.

Here is an inspiring gallery of decor, beauty, style and photography for a gorgeous pool wedding reception. Read More…