“Now I Am Married… What Next?” | Recovery Tips From Post-Marriage Blues Amongst Couples

Piost Wedding Blues

Life after a wedding is simply – MARRIAGE. In simple words, you both had a wedding so that you could be married, and now that you are married, you feel this kind of emptiness that makes you ask yourself what you have gained by getting married. Well, get that thought out of your mind… these tips will help you rediscover that passion and desire you had before you walked down the aisle. Read More…

Ask The Experts: TAP Studios ~ How Do We Make Our Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Really Memorable?


TAP Studios


Do you have any suggestions for a pre-wedding photo shoot? I want something that would be really memorable and would reflect our individual personalities.


There are so many ideas, concepts and themes a couple can work with for a pre-wedding photo-shoot but it’ll all depend on the versatility of you and your spouse, creativity of the photographer you’re working with, availability of location that any of you might have in mind if it’s not a studio shoot and of course financial capacity. Read More…

Ask The Experts: Nwando’s Signature ~ How Can I Combine Aspects Of Two Tribes In My Traditional Wedding Decor?

Nwandos Signature


My fiance and I are from different tribes, Ibo and Yoruba. How can we decorate the venue of our traditional wedding to reflect both cultures, especially the area we are going to sit?


This is always very tricky as people can easily be offended. Imagine a father coming into the daughter’s traditional reception hall to realise that nothing reflects his culture. Read More…

“Wedding Industry Can Create Thousands Of Jobs” WED Magazine Publisher Akin Eso speaks in interview with Abuja’s Leading Paper

Akin Eso

The ever expanding Nigerian wedding industry is a minefield for creative and entrepreneurial minds who have tapped into the opportunities present. Thousands of jobs can be created through the wedding industry if more people and the government invest into this booming industry.

This was part of the points raised by Akin Eso, Publisher of WED Magazine and CEO of WED Expo – Africa’s Largest Wedding Exhibition in a recent interview with The Garki Gazette, Abuja’s leading newspaper. Read More…

Ask The Experts: Frank Osodi – Is It Advisable to Buy my Wedding Dress Online?

Wedding Dress Online

Planning a wedding is an amazing time in your life, but it can also be stressful. With lots of questions on your mind and no one available to give you professional advice, it may seem like an ardous task. Not to worry, WED Daily in its tradition of providing useful tips and solutions to those troubling questions of yours presents the “Ask The Experts” column where our readers can have a one-on-one interaction with the best wedding experts. We’ve got the answers right here! Read More…