Bridal beauty tips: How to look glam for your wedding snaps

sisiyemmie weddingWhen it comes to your wedding snaps, you want them to look perfect. I recall being a bridesmaid for my cousin’s wedding last year and the entire day involved me barking orders for her to pose for Facebook/Instasgram/Twitter. “Lift your chin slightly upwards, stare away from the camera as though you don’t know the photo is being taken, smile with your eyes, dammit!!”… yes, it seems that I took over the role of Photo Nazi for the day, and it worked. The mountain of images I snapped on my iPhone have now been printed and framed and shared on social media a dozen times. Touche!

But don’t take my word for it (DO take my word for it!), today I’m enlisting the help of a real expert to help brides-to-be get acquainted with the one thing they’ll be repetitively faced with on their big day: the camera lens. Whether it’s a profesh pic your photographer is getting you to pose for or an impromptu caught-in-the-act photo one of your guests is madly trying to capture, you’ll want to utilise these tips from Wendy El-Khoury of Wedded Wonderland so you can look your absolute most glowy best because YES you will be sharing your wedding piccies on Facebook and Insty, and NO you don’t want to look like … er … the Bride of Chucky. Here’s what she had to say:


TIP #1: LEARN how to pose. And by that I don’t mean like Beyonce; beauty comes from understanding your angles and what works in front of the camera for you. Everyone has a ‘better side’ so feel comfortable working it in front of the camera on your wedding day to ensure your photos look effortless and are reflecting the BEST you!

TIP #2: A course of Microdermabrasion before your wedding will remove any dead skin and smoothen out any bumps and fine lines which will allow your makeup to sit better on your face and give you that glow in pictures.

TIP #3: Hire a professional makeup artist and make sure you TRIAL him or her before your wedding! Focus on looking like your best version rather than ‘who is that’ on your wedding day.

TIP #4: Request a makeup kit from your artist to touch up your makeup throughout the day. Lipstick and lipgloss are key to maintaining a beautiful ‘finished’ look for your photos.

TIP #5: Whether you’re happy to admit it or not, a tear or two may be shed on your wedding day, so waterproof mascara will keep your lashes looking beautiful … even through the tears!

TIP #6: USE WIPES! Keep those face wipes on hand, ladies. Don’t wipe, just DAB your face if and when required. Wipes are also great for freshening up when you’re feeling a little sweaty and overwhelmed. Or better yet, blotting papers.


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