Aminat & Idris’ Joyful Traditional Wedding & Nikkai Ceremony | Happy Benson Pixels

amina and idrisLovers of simple and colourful celebrations will adore today’s featured wedding.

In the presence of their dearest friends and family, Aminat and Idris held a traditional Nikkai Ceremony.

The beautiful moments were captured by Happy Benson Pixels.
Aminat & Idris01

Aminat & Idris02

Aminat & Idris03

Aminat & Idris04

Aminat & Idris05

Aminat & Idris06

Aminat & Idris07

Aminat & Idris08

Aminat & Idris09

Aminat & Idris10

Aminat & Idris11

Aminat & Idris12

Aminat & Idris13

Aminat & Idris14

Aminat & Idris15

Aminat & Idris16
Photography: Happy Benson Pixels @happybensonpixels
Makeup: Christine Signatures @christinesignatures

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