All The Exciting Photos! My Big Nigerian Wedding Season 2 (Lagos) Couple Noye & Emmanuel’s Prewedding Session

Noye & Emmanuel001
Noye & Emmanuel are the gorgeous winners of My Big Nigerian Wedding Season 2 (Lagos).

Their exciting prewedding photos which were captured by Klala Photography at Welcome Center Hotels, Lagos is a delight to see!

We were wowed by their love story which recounted their journey which started as childhood friends narrated by Noye and Emmanuel.

Now, its time to see all those lovely photos!

Noye & Emmanuel002

Noye & Emmanuel003

Noye & Emmanuel004

Noye & Emmanuel005
Noye & Emmanuel006Noye & Emmanuel007Noye & Emmanuel008Noye & Emmanuel009

Noye & Emmanuel010Noye & Emmanuel011

Noye & Emmanuel012Noye & Emmanuel013

Noye & Emmanuel014Noye & Emmanuel015
Noye & Emmanuel016Noye & Emmanuel017
Noye & Emmanuel018Noye & Emmanuel019
Noye & Emmanuel020

Noye & Emmanuel021
Noye & Emmanuel022

Noye & Emmanuel023

Noye & Emmanuel024

Noye & Emmanuel025

Noye & Emmanuel026

Photography: Klala Photography ~ @klalaphotography
Makeup: Beauty Cook ~ @beautycookstudio
Wedding Planning: Trendy Bee Events ~ @bisolatrendybee

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