#Adekemi2017: Blogger Kemi Filani Weds Online Publisher Adeyemi Emmanuel

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Congratulations to Celebrity Blogger Kemisola Filani who recently got married to her boo Adeyemi Emmanuel. Kemi is the brain behind the popular blog www.kemifilani.com while Adeyemi is an accountant and Online publisher.

The duo got engaged late last year and tied the knot on 18th March 2017.

We love the stylish use of green and gold, the theme colours for the wedding and wish this cheerful and energetic couple a happy married life.

Check out some lovely photos from their big day!
Kemi & Adeyemi01

Kemi & Adeyemi02

Kemi & Adeyemi03

Kemi & Adeyemi04

Kemi & Adeyemi05

Kemi & Adeyemi06

Kemi & Adeyemi07

Kemi & Adeyemi08

Kemi & Adeyemi09

Kemi & Adeyemi10

Kemi & Adeyemi11

Kemi & Adeyemi12

Kemi & Adeyemi13

Kemi & Adeyemi14

Kemi & Adeyemi15

Kemi & Adeyemi16

Kemi & Adeyemi17

Kemi & Adeyemi18

Kemi & Adeyemi19

Kemi & Adeyemi20

Kemi & Adeyemi21

Kemi & Adeyemi22

Kemi & Adeyemi23

Kemi & Adeyemi24

Kemi & Adeyemi25

Kemi & Adeyemi26

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