A Glamorous & Radiant Traditional Bridal Inspiration | Klala Photography

Bridal Inspiration WEDDaily002A bride on her traditional wedding day is one of the most glamorous and radiant persons around.

Four awesome wedding vendors have collaborated to show us just how radiant and glamorous a bride should be on her traditional wedding day. With professional makeup done by Omoge Adumaradan, fabrics from Apex Fabrics, a beautifully designed dress by Possible Designer Stitches and fun moments captured by Klala Photoraphy, you can be sure of a healthy dose of bridal inspiration.

Be inspired!
Bridal Inspiration WEDDaily001

Bridal Inspiration WEDDaily002

Bridal Inspiration WEDDaily003

Bridal Inspiration WEDDaily004

Bridal Inspiration WEDDaily005

Bridal Inspiration WEDDaily006

Bridal Inspiration WEDDaily007

Bridal Inspiration WEDDaily008

Bridal Inspiration WEDDaily009
Photography: Klala Phogotraphy ~ @klalaphotography
Makeup: Omoge Adumaradan ~ @omogeadumaradan
Designer: Possible Designer Stitches ~ @possibledesignerstitches
Fabric: Apex Fabrics ~ @apexfabrics

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