8 Coral Bridesmaids Dresses on Real Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids in Coral WEDDaily001No matter what style you and your girls go for, a coral bridal party is bound to brighten your big day!

Coral bridesmaid dresses add a serious pop of color that’s both on-trend and wearable after the big day.

Plus, just because you choose coral doesn’t mean you’re limited to one specific shade: These dresses come in an array of shades on the coral spectrum — from a deeper, pink-heavy color to those that leaner closer to peach and orange.

Are you thinking of dressing your bridesmaids in coral? Scroll through for some great inspiration!
Bridesmaids in Coral WEDDaily002 Bridesmaids in Coral WEDDaily003 Bridesmaids in Coral WEDDaily004 Bridesmaids in Coral WEDDaily005 Bridesmaids in Coral WEDDaily001Bridesmaids in Coral WEDDaily006 Bridesmaids in Coral WEDDaily007 Bridesmaids in Coral WEDDaily008
Photo Credit: Jobi Photography, Photonimi, Adebayo Deru Photography, Arambada Durodola Photography, Alakija Studios, Ejike Manny

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