4 Common Wedding Bouquet Mistakes Brides Make


Turns out bigger isn’t always better! From selecting the wrong size to not coordinating with your dress, we break down a few of the most common wedding bouquet mistakes brides fall victim to.

Not using seasonal blooms
Some flowers are always available, and others are only in season for a very short period of time. Don’t get your heart set on including certain blooms in your wedding bouquet if you don’t want to set yourself up for potential disappointment (or disaster). Flowers that are out of season are not only much more costly, they’ll likely not last as long in the current weather either. Ask your florist for alternatives that will give you a similar look and feel as your favorite flowers, but that are in season now.

Requesting a huge bouquet
Yes, oversized bouquets are trendy and they look bomb in photos, but they’re also really, really heavy and like, kind of hard to hold. Remember that you need to actually be able to carry your wedding bouquet down the aisle, and your maid of honor has to hang on to it after that. If it’s too big, it could be a big problem. Plus, why torture yourself and your BFF throughout the ceremony? Your big day is so not the time to test your (physical) strength.

Ignoring your dress
As any fashionista will tell you, accessories can make or break your big day look, and yes, brides, your wedding bouquet is considered an accessory. In fact, it’s a big one! So while you’re busy picking out the perfect veil, shoes and jewelry to go with your gown, keep in mind flowers too. Specifically, what style, size and shape wedding bouquet would complement you the best? As a general rule of thumb, your bouquet shouldn’t overshadow your dress or overwhelm it. It also shouldn’t try and compete with it. Here are some combinations you may wish to avoid (although there’s always an exception to every rule!):

– Short dress (or petite bride) with a cascade bouquet
– Intricately beaded gown with an over the top (in size and color) bouquet
– Ball gown with a small simple bouquet
– Sheath wedding dress with a large, elaborate bouquet

Being closed-minded
Florists are artists. And chances are, you booked yours based on past work. So instead of being resistant, really listen. Be open to any feedback you get once you relay your general vision. Who knows, your florist may have some creative ideas you never even thought of? Or very good reasons why those out-of-season flowers are a bad idea.

Photo Credit: Edge Design Group

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