17 Bridal Head Pieces by Brides ‘n’ More Ikeja We Totally Love


From bridal tiara’s to floral crowns, wedding accessories have no doubt come a long way. ‎To be precise,  Head pieces! I mean, we could hardly talk about this without mentioning the iconic Princess Diana and Elizabeth Taylor.

Bridal head pieces have recently become such amazing and stylish ways to add an extra touch of glam to any bridal ensemble – gone were the days when they were simply an item used in‎ keeping your hair wraps in place. Modern day inspiration has absolutely raised the bar in transforming them to flamboyant statement making pieces.

In 2013, Kim Kardashian started a major movement with the head chain during her wedding to Chris Humphries. Today, it has become one of the most sought after bridal accessory.

We spotted Brides ‘n’ More Ikeja on Instagram, a bridal gown and accessories house which offers gorgeous bridal head pieces. Checkout some of our favourite pieces from their page.
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We love!

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