10 Cute Little Bride Moments That Will Melt Your Heart


What’s the little bride’s primary role? To be darling, of course!

It always melts our hearts to see them perform their roles in the most adorable ways. And when we say roles, we basically mean just being cute and smiling for the cameras.

But beyond that, the little bride., usually an adorable little lady aged three to eight, proceeds down the aisle just before the maid of honour, scattering rose petals along the bridal path. She follows the ring bearer (if there is one), and sometimes she will even precede the bride. Traditionally, she totes a basket full of petals, but other alternatives include wrapped candies or confetti. Also, instead of scattering aforementioned items, she can carry a single bloom, a pomander (a lush ball of flowers), or blow bubbles.

Here are 10 super cute bride and little bride moments that will melt your heart. And if you are a bride-to-be thinking whether or not you need one, these photos will help you make that decision!

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Photo Credit: Instagram @scgeorge, @duduguy, @youteey, @klalaphotography, @lypixphotography, @dikophotography, @thedebolastyles

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